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Just finished watching After.Life, staring Christina Ricci, Justin Long and Liam Neeson.
The movie starts out with Ricci’s character very moody. Like she is contemplating her life. its kind of jumpy in the beginning but quickly gets to the story. Ricci end up getting into a car accident where she wakes to find herself on a table in the morgue and Neeson is telling her she is dead. She spends the movie fighting with Neeson trying to explain to her that she is dead and he can talk to dead people. Long’s character is Ricci’s characters boyfriend, he tries desperately to handel what has happen to his girlfriend. He is ready to deal with the fact that she is gone when a little boy tells him that he saw her in the window at the funeral home.
This movie has a great flow to it. It constantly leaves you wondering could she be alive and is Neeson is tormenting her for his own pleasure. The little boy definitely add to the creepy factor to the movie. I almost want to know the back story of the little boy. Excellent movie! I give it 5 stars for originality, great acting and great directing. Now for rent or buy I recommended buying it. Its definitely would be good to watch it again so you can spot the small details that you missed when you first watched it.


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