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I love my job! I work at a local thrift store called Goodwill. Every now and then we get some awesome stuff from Target. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to come across some really neat stuff that tends to be long gone before I can use my employee discount on it.
So yesterday while I was running Z-racks (racks that we hang clothing on) I spotted Star Wars The Force Trainer toy it was priced for 49.99 witch means it was original 100.00, we do half off of the stores sale price. It was red tags 50% off yesterday but I didn’t have the cash at the time. All I could do was hope and cross my fingers that it would still be there tomorrow when red tags go from 50% off to 1.29.
As soon as my kids went off to school I was off to see if the toy was still there and guess what it was 😀 with my employee discount I paid 1.12 for it. I googled it to see how much it retailed for and it is 129.99. My sons birthday isn’t till september but I kinda want to give it to him now because it looks like so much fun. I’m so happy that I was able to buy it for him and because he is such a big Star Wars fan I know he will love it!


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