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My Strange Addiction started when I was little. Every Christmas my grandparents would make us little stockings filled with candy and a vhs of a kids movie they recorded off of HBO or Showtime. It was my favorite part of the holiday was when I got to see what movie I was getting. As I got older I beg my parents to take my sister and I to the movies to see what ever kids movie was out. Often times we didn’t have the money for movies so we borrowed from friends.
I moved out when I was 15 to live with my boyfriend (now husband) who’s parents would rent and record movies on to vhs. They had rows of movies on a bookshelf in the hallway. I spent as much time as possible watching movie after movie. I had never seen a horror movie till then. It quickly became my favorite genre, Halloween movies are my favorite and so far the remake is not as good as the original (just my opinion).
I started out buying tons of vhs, I had over 400. We end up upgrading to dvd and sold some of our vhs for a $1 a piece. I’m sure when we decide to upgrade to blueray we will sell our dvds for a $1 but till then I’m still going to buy dvds. I currently…. Ok maybe the last time I counted I own a little more then 400 dvds. I buy 4 or 5 dvds every pay day (I have two jobs). Before Hollywood Video closed down I would be there or Best Buy every payday picking up movies, some that I heard of some that I hadn’t. Sometimes I would only have enough for one movie and I would just look at all the rows and think “I want all of them!” I’m always on the lookout for special deals on movies. My husband once lost a bunch of movies in the pawn shop so instead of getting mad I waited for payday and my next day off I would spend $400 on movies. My husband doesn’t say anything about my addiction because he knows it makes me happy. Movies are like a drug they change my mood, they make me think of things that may relate to something in my life.
The one downside of owning so many movies is your friends and family love to borrow them and never return them. It upsets me a bit. I made a threat after finding 10 movies missing that no one is allowed to borrow movies again till the ones that went missing get returned. Well my husbands friend had a little fit thinking I was accusing him of having the movies I’m missing so the rule quickly disappeared just so I wouldn’t have to deal with him being a crybaby.
When I get my laptop I will list my entire collection and let any of my readers pick from the list of movies and I will write a little review about it. That’s all for now.


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