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Today I took my kids to the local skate in. They had so much fun rolling around.

Jade’s skates

Cobain’s skates
My kids have been skating for a really long time. They learned to skate before they learned to ride bikes. My kids first started skating around the apt complex before going to the skate inn. They new little tricks and know how to go really fast. When I first took them to the skate inn they where a lot faster then most of the kids there. The people who run the rink would constantly tell them they are not allowed to do tricks or go to fast because they accidentally hurt beginner skaters.

cool little display case
My daughter Jade became more obsessed with skating when she watched the movie Whip It (staring Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page), she wants to be in Roller Derby but they don’t have a group close enough around us for her to join one. I don’t have a car either so it would make it difficult for us to go to any. When we do go I joke with her to pretend that she is in the roller derby. She makes body motions of body checking someone.
Cobain was the first one to start skating and he really loves it. He doesn’t like to listen to people that run the rink witch is not good because he gets yelled at it for it. He has lots of energy so for him its the best way for him to use it. I wish I knew more about Roller Derby because I would start a group here in my small town.


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