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Husband wrote this after it snowed on his car

So the forecast called for snow and well it snowed. Normally I love the snow because of  the way it covers the trees everything is just frozen in place it’s all so beautiful. It’s amazing how everything smells and looks with a layers of snow and with snow still falling. The down side of all the snow is the fact my husband and I don’t drive we walk everywhere. It tends to make us not want to step outside or even walk a few feet to the nearest gas station. We do eventually go out in the cold because things need to be done. Money needs to be made, food needs to be bought and life will go on without skipping a beat so we deal with it and instead of fighting with it. If only mother nature knew that we people tend to get lazy and cranky when the weather turns blue. I like most Americans have a job (really two jobs) and they do not appreciate it when I call to tell them that my kids have no school and I have no one to watch them. So I get a little dot on your attendance and if you  get enough of those wonderful things and you get written up or fired. I havent racked up enough to get fired but im getting close to it. I love my job I just wish they where more understanding towards my situation. I could go on for hours about how things are unfair and just seem wrong but I have no idea if the know about my lovely little blog or not. So I spent all day with my two kids and the two I babysit, I feel like im going insane cartoons and video games all day. I finally kicked them outside because I need to have some alone time and look how im spending my peace and quiet on my new laptop lol

I was wondering how many people want to go outside on a snowy day to score some amazing deal at a thrift store or donate I really felt that the store should have closed for the day and let us go home. But the world doesn’t run on sunshine and rainbows it runs on us and our money.

This is what it looked like the first day it snowed at work


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