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Ever since I was little I learned to listen to everything people said no matter what it was or who it was. I have amazing memory for everything random or what people say. I’m a pro at trivia games, every time I play a trivia game with my husband I always win.
Because people and friends tell me so much stuff I have to write it down so it will leave my brain. I have boxes and boxes of every journal,diary and letter friends have ever given me. One strange thing I haven noticed in my life is that people will open up and tell me their life story without me asking for them to do so. May it be friends, family or complete strangers then need to tell someone something.
I take the bus everywhere so I meet lots of interesting people who have stories to tell. Back in 2001 I sat next to this old women wearing a dress with heavy sweater. In her lap was a shoe box with bright colored paper, string and wires like from some electronics wrapped around it. When I glanced over she begun telling me that the gift is for her granddaughter. It was a rattle and a stuffed animal. Then she went on to tell me about her granddaughter and her wish that she would like it even if it was not much.
I meet many people over the years and some stories are bland to down right strange. Sometimes I don’t mind to hearing them sometimes I’m just not in the mood to hear anything and just want to tune the world out. I carry a MP3 player with me for those moments but people still try and discus things with me.

I have two friends at work that I created nicknames for them so that I can write about them without using their real names. One friend I call my Evil Half and the other is Blonde Half. I love (as friends) both of my halves but sometimes they can be a bit much. Every time I see them at work they spend the whole time at work tell me the everything may it be good or bad. I really enjoy the good stuff but the bad stuff tends to drain the life out of me. It gets hard to focus on work and when I get home I just want to write and sleep. I know they tell me things because I won’t tell them to stop or that they are being stupid. I let them say what they need to vent about. Hence why I’m a sponge, I take their pain and problems and they feel better.
Everyone has a sponge in their lives. If you don’t believe me then you might not be it but do pay attention to your friends around you. You have that one friend who listens to everything you say and will always be there no matter what the situation.


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