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This weekend is going to be way awesome, im going to  Emerald City Comicon. Last year was the first time attending one of these conventions and now im hooked on them. I look forward to going back as soon as the convention is over. One day I hope to go to the one they have in California and in Las Vegas but they cost a lot and I really don’t have the cash for them but one day I will go and be among people like me. Last year we went as a family : My Husband, Jade, Cobain and I. the total cost was $50 for us because we got the kids in free. I’m really happy they havent changed the prices on the tickets this year. I looked to see how much tickets are for the other convention I like going to it’s about $45-$55 to get in this year. Not sure if I will be attending the horror convention this year which kinda makes me sad because I love horror movies and really anything to do with it. The cost is to high and it is no longer locally I will have to travel to the big city of Seattle and I might have to get a hotel room or something because I don’t really want to travel by bus to Seattle. For Emerald City Comicon we are, which im not really excited about. Hopefully we will not be hopping buses all day till we get there. Going to checkout some web sites that offer travel plans so that we can know the quickest way there and cheapest.

It’s really neat when you get to meet some of the iconic that you are fans of . Last year my son Cobain (who loves the Hulk) got to meet Lou Ferrigno to have him autograph a DVD of the Hulk it cost $45 bucks. I kinda wish the autographs where  bit cheaper but that’s life I guess, I have heard that some celebrities don’t charge for autographs because people are already pay a large amount just to get in and see them. The one person that my husband and Cobain wanted to meet was Stan Lee, from what I was told that was the first year he came to The ECC. I did get to see his elbow which for me was pretty awesome. I hope that I can get an autograph from the two guys from the  The Boondocks Saints. Unfortunately I don’t own the movie and I really don’t have the cash to go buy it right now but at least I can have them sign one movie that I own.

This is all for now I plan on making a blog about our adventure at The ECC and I will post pics of all the fun that my family had 🙂


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