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Epic Fail Kind Of Day: Here is how my morning started. I woke up a little sleepy because I was suffering from insomnia and well something didn’t seem right. The vibe in my apt was a little off and it tends to keep me awake all night long. I managed to get everyone up without any real problems so my morning started out some what good I guess. When my husband woke up the first thing he said to me was “Do you work today?” Normally I don’t work mondays and ya stupid me didn’t bother to check my schedule so I answered “Nope” my lovely husband rattled on the things he wanted me to do today “Cash my check, get smoke and pay rent” I really didn’t want to spend my day off walking around town.
As I was getting the kids outside to the bus my Evil Half sent me a text “You work today” my response was “Nope” she replied back “It says you work today” after digging around for my schedule I found that I did. As I was running around my apt trying to get ready for work my Evil Half called me to tell me that she had gotten permission to leave work and pick me up so I wasn’t late for work. I made it to work to find I was in my favorite spot toys but it was trashed beyond belief. I spent my morning cleaning it up when I became super hungry because I was thinking about the cold pizza in my fridge before I found out that I had to work.
Normally when I’m in toys I hit pricing goal but today I was off so I was 10 items aways from making goal and nothing good to price plus I was running out of time.

So my day was over and I came home to relax a bit. It was going fine till my brother in laws girlfriend came home and we went upstairs to smoke when she asked me a question “So last night your husband and his friend where telling me that your husband does bad thing. I tried to get him to elaborate but he told me to ask you.” It kinda made me upset because there are parts of my personal life that I don’t like to discuss with others that I don’t know well. I brought it up with my husband and he really didn’t seem to care….so it kinda bummed me out for the rest of the night.

So now that I had my moment to vent to whom ever actually I will get to write a blog about my trip to comicon when I can find the time because I have a list of things I need to do on my day off.


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