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My adventure at Emerald City Comicon.
So I woke up nice and early on Saturday morning about 7am got the kids up, dressed and feed. My brother in-law and his girlfriend spent the night somewhere else friday night so I wasn’t 100% sure when they where going to be back but I hoped soon. They showed up around 9am, once they got back it was instant chaos trying to get everything ready. We got out the door and off to the bus we went. We didn’t have to wait to long for the first bus and the second one. The kids got to use their Orca cards for the first time. It was nice using them so we didn’t have to worry to much about if we would have enough to get home.

We got to Seattle about 11am, walked about a block to the Convention center. Once we got in we went straight where we could get our badges to enter the rest of the convention. As soon as we got them I wanted to take a picture of everyone with their bags and badges but the camera that I borrowed from my dad mysteriously stopped working. First I was thinking maybe the camera was left on and the batteries died. So the girlfriend and I ran 4 blocks to the nearest store. I had no idea batteries were so expensive some of them were going for $18 really who pays that much? I managed to find some cheap ones. Once I got them in the camera it was still not working. When I discovered that a piece that covers the memory card had fallen off ūüė¶ I was not able to rig it so I couldn’t take any pictures but my camera on my phone was all that I was left with. This blog is about me and the random people in my life, the one thing I’m not doing for now is sharing pictures of my kids. Most of the pictures I took had my kids in them. The only ones that don’t is what I’m sharing now.

This is a picture of¬† Norman Reedus¬†signing autographs. The minute Cobain saw him he dropped his bag and said “Oh My God!” it was really cute because he is a big fan of The Walking Dead. It wasnt time for him to sign our dvd¬†of Boondock¬†Saints movie. He is a very a sweet guy that gave Cobain a high-five wich he couldn’t stop talking about it after we had walked away from his table. it only cost $20 dollars for his signuter¬†which is not bad because last year it was about for $40-$45¬† for just one persons signature. He is deffinatly as hot as he looks in the movie and tv. This happens to one of my dreams that has come true ‚̧

This is Sean Patrick Flanery. When I first walked past¬†him he looked¬†lonely¬†and bored. If¬† you look at the table it looks as if he may have been tallying how many people he had signed things for. He also is super sweet and was very nice. While standing there I¬†made sure to tell Cobain what movie that he had seen him since im not really sure what all he has done beside Powder, Young Indian¬†Jones, Best Men and Boondock¬†Saints 1&2. We had watched Powder the other day. It also only cost $2o¬†for his signature. One thing¬†I wish I did was ask¬†¬†him to say my name with an Irish accent but I¬†didn’t¬†have the guts to ask him. Maybe next year if he attends.

This is my husband standing next to a girl dressed up as Hit Girl from the movie Kick Ass. Hit girl is his favorite character from the movie so he was excited to get his picture taken with her.

This is my signed copy of Boondock Saints movie ūüôā

I had some much fun this year meet a lot of cool people. If you have never been to one and you enjoy comics or just geeky\ Nerdy you should defiantly go. As soon as I can I’m going to upload the couple of pics that my husband took of me while at Comicon.


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