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Today started out kinda rough. It was my day off someone what, I didn’t have to worry about the two kids I babysit but I still had my two kids that I need to get up and take care of. I had a killer headache that was not letting me function at 100% but I managed to take care of both of my kids.
Around 1o’clock my husband came home with a yummy sandwich for me which was supper nice. Shortly after he came home my parents showed up with some junk mail (which I have told them to just throw it away) for me. While they where here the kids managed to beg them to let them spend the night which was nice because they did let them spend the night. After they left my husband and I took off with his friend I call “Dude” because he has a big fit when I call him by his name.
We went to the casino to have a drink and gamble $20 bucks. Didn’t win but dude was having fun gambling while we debated heading home. So we sat for a while watching him play a machine. I was just about done smoking a cigarette I spotted an ashtray by a lady playing Star Wars slots, when I went to put it out I noticed a dollar by her foot. I asked “Is this yours?” “Nope, but you can have it.” So I put it in a machine next to dude and lost it all…. Oh well its just a dollar. After that we left to go home, we sat around a bit and left again.
I have wanted Olive Garden for a very long time so we decided to head out there and have some dinner. Like everything new in this small town it was packed so we head out to the outlet mall (which in reality you don’t get much of a deal. Everything is still high priced) to get my husband a new pair of shoes and eat in the food court. Dinner was ok but I would of really loved to have some Olive Garden tonight. After the outlet mall we head over to Wal-Mart also called Wally World to get other things that we can’t get at the mall. I managed to get an awesome Zombie shirt that I can’t wait to wear. When shopping I must hit up the movie department. I spent a good 20 min looking for The Walking Dead on DVD. I even stopped and asked an employee who didn’t seem very helpful, she pretty much pointed to where new release are and said look there (I wish there was a Best Buy in my town!). I spotted it on Blue Ray then my husband spotted it on DVD for $20 buck! It made my day because most shows on DVD are like $40 or $50 bucks. I’m so happy for the two Zombie things I got today 😀


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