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1) I’m 28 years old
2) I have blue hair that is starting to grow out a bit.
3) I have two kids, Jade is 11 and Cobain is 9 years old.
4) I have been married for 12 years and been with my husband for 13 years.
5) I was kicked out of high school because the teachers where convinced I was telling girls to get pregnant but it was the complete opposite.
6) When I was little I wanted to be a hippie and go to woodstock.
7) When I was 10 years old I pulled two of my teeth out with a fork and a toothpick because my sister lost one and I wanted to lose one too.
9) 3 different shrinks have diagnosed me with: clinical depression, bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder and skitsaphrenia.
10) I had an eating disorder from the age of 11-16.
12) I had a disturbing relationship with the preachers son from the age 11-15.
13) I clean my bathroom like the mom from Mommy Dearest. (I use loots of comet).
14) I once got on stage at a Tom Leykis show and flashed the crowd.
15) I once won a year supply of soda.
16) I meet my husband the day after I attempted to take my own life.
17) I was sexual harassed by a boy at school and the teachers told me that if I pressed charges the courts wouldn’t believe me.
18) I can fold my tongue in half.
19) I can make my hands vibrate.
20) In high-school I hated organized sports so I took wight training.
21) I started smoking cigarettes at the age 11.
22) I had my first drink at 11.
23) I’m a big fan of Drew Barrymore.
24) I love horror movies.
25) I almost died from a blood clot at 23. Happy to be alive and somewhat healthy.
26) I like reading true crime and biographies/ memoirs.
27) I think Zombies are awesome!
28) I dream to live in the UK.
29) When I was a kid I ate paper. My parents had to take me to the dr. So he could tell me to stop.
30) I work at my dream job which is slowly is turning into a nightmare.
31) I have ran away from home twice.
32) I don’t know how to drive.
33) I have been in love 3 times.
34) I was suspended from middle school for a day because I smirked at my friend while we where getting sent to the principles office.
35) I own lots of movies.
36) I don’t look my age.
37) Once had an affair.
38) Have done the dirty deed in a public place.
39) Stole my sisters car when I was in high-school.
40) I have two jobs.
41) Once had a trust fund of $400.00.
42) Have been sued once.
43) I have problems with self mutation.
44) I have the preachers son’s initials carved into my leg. He also has mine on his leg.
45) Have used drugs but nothing really hard.
46) I make awesome peanut butter cookies.
47) I have been raped.
48) I once took a bunch of pain killers to go to sleep and couldn’t sleep.
49) When I’m stressed I suffer from insomnia.
50) I once stopped my friend from killing her self.
51) I have more guy friends then girlfriends.
52) I can’t cook. To afraid of giving people food poisoning.
53) I love to bake yummy treats.
54) When I get hungry I watch cooking shows and I no longer feel hungry.
55) I shopped lifted once.
56) I have taken a life….most don’t consider it murder. (Pro-choice)
57) I watch Nancy Grace even tho she annoys me.
58) I’m really good at trivia games.
59) When I was younger and a friend made me mad I would call dating companies and give them my former friends info.
60) My dad taught me how to use a computer and internet.
61) Every now and then I watch chick flicks when I get really depressed.
62) All my pets growing up died on a sunday.
63) I take boiling hot showers.
64) I lived with some friends from school for about 4months.
65) I love anything with peanut butter.
66) Italian food is my favorite.
67) I once shot a bee begun.
68) I have never been to jail or prison.
69) I’m a quarter Japanese.
70) I suck at doing math, happy using a calculator.
71) I went to volleyball camp when I was little. I sucked at it.
72) Went to church camp because the preachers son went.
73) Never voted or registered.
74) I love playing video games.
75) I have my nose pierced.
76) Have never been in a fight.
77) Have been suffocated till I passed out.
78) I’m really good at making coins stand up and making designs with standing coins.
79) I once called someone in the UK just to wish them a happy birthday.
80) My parents got a dog while my sister and I where at school and it tried to bite my face off.
81) I draw smiles all over the place at work.
82) I have never been to a concert.
83) I don’t order things over the internet.
84) Halloween is my favorite holiday.
85) For 10 years of my life I wore sandals all year round. I have some degree of frostbite.
86) I don’t like leaving my comfort zone.
87) I have a big fear of escalators.
88) I get vertigo when I walk on over passes and bridges.
89) I got braces when I was younger because the preachers son had braces.
90) I’m double jointed.
91) Tried to write a poetry book when I was little but my dad told me no one would read it.
92) My friend and I once used sign language to communicated to each other during church.
93) I don’t have any tattoos.
94) I love listing to it rain.
95) In middle school I pretended I was a witch.
96) I own and mostly wear all black clothing.
97) I have only been to one country.
98) I buy Playboy magazine.
99) One I was little my mom got so tired of my sister and I fighting with each other she told us to actually fight and I punched her in the face. (I’m 3 years younger)
100) In high-school my stoner friends and I would smoke on the football field where everyone could see us but we never got in trouble for it.

I got this idea from twitter. It took some time (almost an hour) to think of 100 things about my self.


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