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A few months back I downloaded a game on my Blackberry called Battleship. It was fun to play when you want to kill time or your just bored. The one down side was you couldn’t congratulate someone on a good game or say the famous phrase “ You Sank My Battleship!” Just recently they did an update on the game where you can now chat with people, all I could do is think awesome! Boy was I wrong about chatting with people. First I played using my actual name which I found out quickly every guy on there will hit on you. I had one guy that tried to talk dirty to me and even asked for my pics and phone number. When I declined he quickly ended the game. Every guy was that way if I’m not the right age or willing to sell my dignity they no longer want to play the game. When I played using my son’s name I found that every guy would end the game before I could even start playing. I clicked on new game more then I actually played a game. Now there are some good people (like me) on there that actually want to play the game and use the chat to congratulate you on playing a good game.
Now you might ask why I don’t play against the computer which is an option on the game but its really no fun because I seem to lose every time. Anyone else have this game on their phone?



  1. i have ppl that try to chat to me while i play battleship on my phone but i cant figure out how to right back. can anybody pls help me out on how i write back?

    • You should check to see if you have the latest update for your app. Sometimes when I played it would tell me that the person I was playing against didn’t have the new update.

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