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This morning for some reason all of my alarms (6) didn’t go off so I missed greeting the two kids I babysit. I’m still trying to figure out what happened with my phones they were working just fine yesterday. So instead of getting the kids at 6:30 am I got them a little later 7:20 not really a big deal but I couldn’t help but feel extremely mad about the whole situation. They both got a good breakfast at another neighbors (she plays the part of back up on the rare occasion I sleep in) she made them pancakes and bacon which here they would’ve gotten a bowl of cereal, yum right?  So far the morning has been watching Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry. All I can say for the most part is old school cartoons are still awesome! I wish they would show more of them on tv. So my Monday morning has been  quite a bit, while they watch cartoons I’m patiently waiting for my grapes on “Vineyard” to be done (I know I’m that lame lol) and surfing around current blogs to generate some good ideas for a blog that might catch someones eyes or basically entertains someone for a mere second out of their day.

I’m also waiting for it to be time to get the mail because im waiting for my check to come for babysitting all of last month. Broke right now and it really sucks because then we get stuck dealing with the dilemma of should I borrow money from my parents or should we borrow money from “Dude” which is my husbands annoying friend who likes to think that he is : ” Gods gift to women, Every girl wants him and well just plain Amazing guy that everyone wants to be (rolling my eyes). because we don’t like dealing with my parents when it comes to asking for any thing unless its  a ride to buy groceries we asked “Dude” for money. Well “Dude” cant seem to function unless he is monopolizing my husband’s time. Last night we were going to watch the movie Book of Eli but “Dude” couldn’t go to the store by him self he need my husband to help him get some beer (rolling my eyes again) wich took about 2 hours……. We live about 5min from a little  gas station. When my husband finally came home I got to hear how “Dude” wanted to go get another friend so the 3 of them could all go to the store and get a beer, which magically turned into let’s go back to my place and play the zombie killing game. My lovely husband  agreed to it because for some reason he can say “No” to me a million and one times but for “Dude” its impossible. So when my husband made it home about midnight he asked if I was ready to watch a movie and I told him no because I need to get up early in the morning (which you can see at the beginning of my blog didn’t happen). He was not exactly happy about it he just complained that now he has to find something to watch blah…blah. Off to sleep I went when I heard and felt my house shake as my husband watched Avatar.

So now I sit here wanting this wonderful monday to end so that I can get on with the rest of the week. I’m sure “Dude” will find more ways to tick me off or just plain annoy me because that is all he is good at lol. I hope the rest of you are having an amazing and productive day and the “Dude” in your life will not destroy it.


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