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I have to admit I never knew who Kurt or Nirvana was until he was found dead. My husband and his best-friend are big fans of his. I’m a fan after the fact I guess. My favorite song is dumb, I actually one day hope to get some of the lyrics tattooed on my arm.
In ’01 I was in extreme amount of pain to the point where my muscles would lock up and I would fall unable to move for several minutes. At the time my husband and I were living with my parents. My dad saw me in so much pain that he made an emergency Dr. Appointment for me that is when I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. The whole pregnancies the doctor was unsure if I was going to have another girl or if it was a boy. So to be on the safe side we picked names for a boy or girl. At this time I can’t remember what names we picked for a girl but my husband was ready with name. One of his picks was Zeus but we had a friend that named their dog the exact name. I told him no on that one. His last pick was Kurt for Kurt Cobain. I told him I knew a kid in school who was picked on with that name. Then out of the blue I said how about Cobain? He immediately loved the name. Next he picked the middle name, Hendrix for Jimmy and the next middle name is Horatio from one of Shakesphere’s plays. I said yes to both. Not everyone like my son’s name so we came up with a nick name for him which is Coby.
Most people I know think I gave my son an awesome name but really it was my husband who did it in a way honoring his favorite singer. I have told both of my kids that when they get older they can change their name to anything they want. So far Cobain has said he wants to change his name for what ever popular super hero he sees. I do hope that he never changes it but its his choice.


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