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Last night I had two dreams and this is my blog about it. If anyone out there is good at explaining the hidden meaning behind a dream is there is one feel free to leave a comment.

Dream 1)

I was spending a few days with my in-laws and two brother-in-law home. When I arrived to their home I noticed that this girl I really hate (I generally don’t hate anyone because hate is an ugly word but when someone effects my life in a negative way I use the word “hate”) was there holding my nephew, she was telling my mother-in-law that he was adorable. When I first saw her I became very angry that she was there and no one told me. I had no choice but to walk pass her to get into the living room with the rest of the family. When I walked past her I gently bumped into her and quickly said sorry even if I really didn’t mean it (even in my dreams I’m a polite person) she glared at me and returned talking with my mother-in-law. Latter in the day she was still there acting like I was not there untill she walked past me sitting on the couch she called me a name under her breath so I replied with the same name under my breath that is when she turned to me and started to screaming at me. She told me I was a “Bitch, a mean person and that I’m a complete loser who should go to hell” then she stormed out of the house. Everyone stopped and looked at me for just a few seconds. No one bothered to ask me what that was all about they went back to doing what ever they were doing before she yelled at me. Then I woke up.

Dream 2)

For some reason I was moving this little crappy mobile home to somewhere else (not sure where) but I had to do it all by myself my husband was unable to help me and he agreed to stay home with the kids while I did that. In order to move I had to stay a few nights at this little run down motel that was kinda a community because the rooms only had enough room for a bed and that was it. Everyone shared the living space. While I was there and  male friend of mine was using computers, we made eye contact and that was it. I went to sleep early so that I could get enough sleep before moving every thing in the morning. When I woke up my male friend stopped me and said “You can’t leave yet, I wont let you” I didn’t object so I stuck around. My male friend was on the computer while I was wondering around looking at people playing pool when a man came up to me and started to grab me inappropriately. I screamed for my male friend to help me. I don’t know if he did or not, the next thing I remembered from the dream was that we were looking eye to eye discussing something when he said “I know you still love me” I didn’t respond then for some reason my eyes shut and I woke up.

Those are my two dreams that I can remember. Most nights and when I take naps I have about 4-5 dreams that are very vivid and colorful dreams. Sometimes I have the oddest dreams when someone is making me upset and what ever I heard or saw on t.v. I don’t think I have ever really had a happy dream because most of them are really twisted and tend to make no sense to me at all. I have two dream dictionary that I sometimes look to for answers on a dream but it seems like all the definitions lead to relationship issues.


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