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A few weeks back my Evil Half  (best friend at work) was moving and emptying out her cubereds. She had a bunch of baking goods that she no longer wanted to she gave them all to me. A few years back all day long I would spend hours and hours baking yummy and delicious treats for my family to feast on. I had to stop because we fell on hard times and it basically came down to what do we need more stuff for me to bake or stuff to put on the dinner table? Once I had all the stuff my Evil Half didn’t want the baking bug had hit me. I was thinking about all the stuff that I loved to bake and the things that I wanted to bake. Last night I couldn’t help myself I had to go down the bake goods ale at Wal-Mart just to see what kind of yummy things that they might have.

I’m not really big on using boxed items because to me the fun is in combing all the ingredients in a big bowl and mixing it all together. Recently I had to use box items and I really don’t get the same joy and satisfaction out of it. Plus my Evil Half had brought over the boxed items and well I’m not going to turn anything free away. I’m having lots of fun reading other people’s food blogs and seeing all of their amazing things that they had made even if some of them are not baked treats but are like lunches or dinners, I don’t care I will give them a try anyways. One recipe I’m looking for but have not been able to find it yet is Peanut Butter Pie, the only time I get to have it is when I go to Denny’s which can be kinda spendy and also there is no Denny’s in my home town. If any of you have one and are willing to share it with me that would be awesome.

So I’m stuck here waiting till monday when my kids get home and I can make them one of the many lovely ideas that I have fun looking at on this blog site. Not really sure what I’m going to make first. Maybe Chocolate Chip Banana Bread or Peanut Butter Cup Cakes hmmmmm…….. so many choices I just want to start now but I will have to wait because my daughter Jade gave me orders not to make anything till they get back from visiting their grandparents.

Happy Baking to everyone


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