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Last night we went out to dinner to my absolutely favorite little restaurant in town. From the outside it doesn’t look like much but the owner makes fabulous food in large portions for cheap. We eat here just about every payday. The owners name is Phil who is super nice and makes sure that everyone that eats at his restaurant is happy with their meal. Just like the sign says “ The Best Burgers, Wraps and Kebobs in town” his food is better then most high priced restaurants.

This is a picture Phil busy help other people who were eating there that night.

When we eat here this is the first thing we order 12 pot stickers for $4. The dipping sauce he uses is delicious. Normally I don’t get sauce with my pot stickers because its usually bland and watered down but his sauce is spicy and sweet.

This is the french dip that my husband I just love to order. Everything that Phil makes is from scratch. When I do get this I normally can only eat half of it because it fills me up. The Au Jus that he uses is almost like a soup. He cooks some of the roast beef in the au ju which I think gives it more flavor.
If you are ever in Washington Sate you should definitely look this place up and try the other amazing things he has on his menu.


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  1. This place sounds great. I love finding places with good prices and good food, too. Thanks for coming by my place. I enjoyed checking out your blog. I have weird dreams sometimes, too. Afraid I don’t know how to interpret them though. Have a good weekend.

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