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 Thanks TLC for giving me another obsession and challenge by creating the show Extreme Couponing. I watched the show because it sounded interesting and really I wanted to see exactly how much people saved with those tiny slips of paper that I just tend to toss out with the recycling. I was amazed at with how much you can acutely cut your grocery bill in half using the coupons. I don’t plan to be like most of the people who have their own little grocery store stuffed away in different spots in their home but I do want to save some money just like any other person out there. I don’t make that much money even with two jobs and my husband has one, we are capable of staying a head of our bills but when it comes to groceries my kids tend to eat more than my husband because we give them left overs or feed them what we can find in are bare kitchen which it usually is only enough for both of them to eat.

After watching the show I did some research and found that there are many little community out there devoted to showing people the easy and fun way of buying the things that you need and saving your family money. One important thing that I noticed that I’m going to need a printer if I even want to attempt to get any form of couponing done. I got a sunday paper but it didn’t really have the coupons that I need for my shopping which kind of made me sad because I wanted to start couponing right away. I know that the savings are not going to happen over night it will take time and much coupon collecting for me to able to use the coupons that I cut. I’m not going to give, my goal is to use a coupon for everything that I buy, I can only hope that I will be able to do it.

Here are two sites that I cam across that gave me some great information on my new-found adventure of saving


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