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When you watch the commercials with the mom and her kids making Rice Crispy treats they look so happy and having fun. It almost makes you want to recreate that loving moment just so your kids latter in life can say “When I was little I made rice crispy treats with my mom and I’m going to make them with my kids.” My little angels didn’t want to help, the sunny weather was calling their names. My daughter did come in for a brief second to stir the marshmallows as they slowly melted then back outside she went.
I used one bag of large marshmallows (10oz) and 3tbs of butter. I think I might use more marshmallows next time. When I first mixed it together the marshmallow seemed to cool rather quickly so I got my husband to mix the rest of it for me.
I put the mix on to wax paper and did my best to spread it evenly which I think I did some what of a good job. A few friends who have made them before gave me some pointer and tips on how they made them and I will definitely try their ideas if I make them again. Both of my kids said they were very yummy, which makes me happy because all I want when I bake stuff is that people will love it.


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