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Today I took a nap the was probably like half an hour. While having this nap I had a interesting dream.
It starts out with me and my husband going to a party one of my managers at work was having. It wasn’t a typical party at a house but it was in some big building that kinda resembled a convention of some kind. As I walk toward Mike (manager from work) my Blonde Half (friend from work) goes running up to him demanding his attention. When he completely ignores her and greats my husband and I. My husband goes wandering off as I stay and chat with Mike. Mike shows me around to all the different things in the room, one thing is a giant bed with a giant pair of shoes. Mike is called off somewhere else to tend to other people at the party. I turn around to see a few sofas lined up around a large tv where a small group of kids are sitting. When one little boy walks around the corner I look up and its Chris (my best friends son) I try to say hi and ask him where his mom is but he is to distracted by the video game that the rest of the children are playing. Soon after that I walk into another room filled with computers and posters of Nintendo games. I feel a light tap on my shoulder when I turn around I notice my a friend who I worked with a few years back. We hug each other and make small chit chat (can’t recall what we talked about). Soon after that I proceed to walk around another room filled with booths of free stuff and random games for people to take part in. I begin filling a bag with goodies that I find. All of a sudden My Evil Half (friend from work) shows up. She is shocked that I didn’t come with her. I try to explain to her that we go to this every year because we see so many people that we haven’t seen in a long time. Every time I try to talk she seems to get offend and storms off. I feel a bit annoyed so I begin to wander around.

I enter a room which looks like a cafeteria. I sit down at a table with a bunch of other people when I notice that I’m sitting across from Christian Bale,he begins to grab me by my hands and runs his hands up my sleeves till he reaches about my arm pits when he gets a bit stuck trying to reach my breast (wearing a tight shirt). After a while of being uncomfortable and a bit disturbed I get up and walk away. I have a second run in with Mike, he grabs me by the arm and drags me off to watch Transformers new movie with him. We enter a run down theater with a few other people in it snaking on pop corn. We pick an empty row close to the front and proceed to sit down. The movie starts and we noticed that the seats are so broken that we could actually lay down and enjoy the movie. While siting there we begin to crack jokes about the movie. Next thing I know a group of drunk men come wondering into the theater. One of them comes over to me and begins to lay in the seat next to me and tries to cuddle with me. I look down and noticed that its Ryan Reynolds all of a sudden Mike gets up and leaves the theater. As he leaves the theaters the lights slowly go on, the movie shuts off and large group of people come walking in along with them is my husband. I shove Ryan off me when someone ask is that him? Apparently they have been causing problems everywhere. Ryan gets kicked out and my husband sits next to me. Before the lights go off and the movie comes back on some girls dressed like Tinker Bell are running around handing out bags filled with fairy stuff. I look in the bag to see wings and other girly things.

That is all of my dream. It was definitely strange and I have no idea if there is any hidden meaning in any of it.


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