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Took my two minions to go get some new shoes when I noticed that Payless Shoesource was having their sale BOGO (buy one get one half off. Does anyone remember when that meant buy one get one free?) So I looked around for a pair and found a pair of Champion Fitness shoes which are basically a knock off of Sketchers Shape Ups shoes that cost when they first came out 120-150. Luckily mine were only 20 and I got half off.

I’m a naturally have like no balance at all so when I first put them on you could tip me over quit easily. After spending a few days walking short distances in them they weren’t that bad. On the box they make claims about how they will benefit you

    Dual Density: Helps create a slight instability while you walk to encourage muscle toning and provides exceptional cushioning and shock absorption.
    Midfoot Overlays For Support: Forms a tight hold on the mid-foot for maximum stability.
    Breathable Mesh Upper: Optimizes breath ability and comfort.
    Rubber Outsole: Maximizes durability and traction.

So I finally went on a long while wearing them. I normally speed walk everywhere and these shoes actually slowed me down. Kinda felt as if I was walking quicksand or like a strong wind making it difficult to make me walk fast. On my walk to Wal-Mart I would lose my balance or trip a little which I’m sure every car that passed me laughed at me. Walked around Wal-Mart for a bit till I found the movie I was looking for and a pair of cheap ear buds. Like usual there is like 4 lanes open and really long lines. That reminds me when the hell did the express lanes turn into 20 items or less. Last time I checked or at least saw at Safeway the express lanes are like 10 or sometimes less not 20. I guess the expect us to waste all our money buy whatever junk we see at the time. Anyhow while standing there I noticed that the bump at the bottom makes it easy to turn your shoe into an instant rocker, I’m sure I looked silly to anyone that was around me.

On the walk home I started to feel a bit of pain in my legs. It made me wonder if these were actually doing some forum of exercising. By the end of my walk I was ready to take them off. My feet hurt and I felt a bit of pain in my legs. They are ok shoes but I’m sure I will have to get used to them and it will be interesting to see if I notice any change or just keep feeling pain in my legs and feet. Not sure if I plan on doing any more long walks or wear them while I’m at work for 8hrs a day.


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