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Spend all weekend working and come home to find my place trashed! When I come home all I do is eat dinner and fall a sleep, I don’t want to even think about the mess that surrounds me.

•First go ondemand or what ever you use to watch reruns of tv shows. Look up episodes of Horders trust me after you watch one not only will you appreciate the fact you have the drive to clean but its a great motivation tool.

•Then grab some music, anything with a good beat. Slow music might just slow you down. Singing along is good to because it makes the whole job of cleaning seem fun.

•Secure yourself some garbage bags because that is really the best way to get heading in the right direction. Wander around till you have found all the locations of trash cans. Then head to your tables, those things that you once use to eat your family meals at has now became your catchall. You could be brave and just dump all your collection of odd and ends or just sort it all making sure not to toss anything important.

•Then head to your kitchen when there you may find every dish you own siting in a pile of filth. Done stress just scrub and dump in the dishwasher if you have one if not it will take some time. Don’t stress it will be great when they are put away trust me!

•After you are able to see your counter tops again and it has been freed of dishes its time to uses your amazing strength to clean the counter (I tend to start with the microwave because it gets used the most) till it sparkles.

•By now you should be able to see your counters and tables. Look down what do you see? Its the floor but something is off, its dirty its not as clean as the upper half of the room. I tend to use a mop and soapy water, not a big fan of all those wonder mop things that they have on the market out there right now.

•The kitchen now seems cleaner then it was before the whole mission. Now hunt down that thing…um um that’s right a vacuum, check to make sure that it is cleaned out. Then go to town, if you have to crank the stereo up so you can’t hear the roar of the vacuum.

•As you glance around it sure does feel good to see that your accomplishment looks great, don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back. Then you should have that strange feeling that there is something wrong. Its the monster you call the bathroom.

•Once you make it up there I recommended removing everything out of the bathroom, it really makes it a whole lot easier to clean. For me I can’t stand cleaning my bathroom because I swear the whole neighborhood use it over the weekend and well it looks like a truck stop bathroom. I used those handy disinfectant wipes.

•At last your happy home is clean till you see two (or however many you have) bedrooms lurking in the shadows. You would think you spend most of your time in the living room area of your place and your right but for some reason there is plates, cups and beer can scattered on every usable surfaces in my room. Once clean its time to head off to the next room which is just as dirty as mine but no beer cans. Toys are put in the places they belong, beds are made, clothing is picked up (most of the time my kids throw clean clothes on the floor while they are looking for something to wear.) And any dish that is in there has been removed.

•Now its all clean don’t you feel better? Everything looks great and the vibe is great till everyone comes home and bam it gets trashed again! But enjoy the clean home for now.

I hope you enjoyed this. Having a really boring day and felt like being creative. Happy cleaning everyone.


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