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My dream from last night:
My dream starts out with me standing outside with My Evil Half and __ (I chose to leave his name blank). Its about time to come in so we lock arms kinda like they did in Wizard Of Oz, __ is in the middle while My Evil Half and I are next to him. Soon My Evil Half let’s go and its just me still locked arms with him. Once we enter the building __ walks me to my station which looks like a fortress of clothing. __ stops me and we lock lips for about 5 minutes or so, I’m left stunned by what just happened. When the shock wears off I see My Evil Half staring at me, her eyes go red like I could tell she was pissed. I climb into the fortress of clothing and get to work when __ comes in to give me a hug, because of the angle he end ups resting his head on my chest when he says with a whisper “I love your boobs” I chuckle a bit. He lifts his head and gives me one last kiss on my lips as he breaks away he whispers again “I Love You” I responded back with “I Love You Too” (little fact about me I don’t say I love to anyone that isn’t my kids or my husband)
After feeling about shocked about what I just said a little envelope slides into my fortress. I open it to find a random birthday card, written on it was a message from My Evil Half. I can’t recall what all was written in it but it basically was her pleading with me not to do anything with __ or she will never be able to be my friend or talk to me ever again. She doesn’t want me to get fired or in trouble so she wants me to stop immediately! I glance over to her fortress of linens to see if she was looking at me but she was busy working.

Shortly after that I woke up. At work today I wanted to tell __ or My Evil Half my dream but neither of them were working so who knows __ might read this. I had another dream about great danes but I can’t remember what it was about.


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