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Here are two dreams that I had on different days over the week. They both are very sort dream and not much to describe.

Dream 1
I was sitting in my apt when I hear a knock at the door. I go to answer it, behind the door is Perez Hilton a shocked look come across my face when I hear him say “I found you at last!” Wearing a toothy grin he gives me a big hug. Still in a bit of shock and a look of disbelief I managed to say “What?” As he finds his way to the couch he starts to tell me that I need to keep writing in my blog because its just amazing. He mention a blog that I have never written (or at least haven’t yet lol) I sit there dumbfounded trying to figure out exactly what he is talking about. Suddenly my husband burst threw the door on his lunch break trying to figure out who is in are apt and why. I try to explain it to him but he doesn’t seem to get it. Shortly after that I do my best to get Perez Hilton out of my apt. He does his best to try and stay but I tell him he must leave he can’t be here right now.
Then I woke up.

Dream 2
I was messing around on Facebook when I decided to do some random searches when I end up on Dude’s (my husbands best friend) page. I start looking to see if he was friend with my favorite person (is a nerdy friend/ co-worker of Dude) had a facebook page because he had always said how social networking sites are bad sites because of hackers and virus. Suddenly I found it, a big smile grew on my face because he had made one. I quickly add him as a friend and we begin to send messages back and forth about random silly things. All of a sudden I get a message with his number and I return with mine.
Then I woke up.


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