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Dear Neighbor across the way, I guess I should of came over with some tasteless casserole or a pie and sat you down to tell you the curse of K 1.

Ever since I have lived here no good has come from the apt across the way. The lady who lived there was a young mother of two and her mom, this girl partied a bit which resulted losing the ability of cleaning up afterwards. I walked in once to use her bathroom, I traveled up the stairs (because that is where the only bathroom is. I know super lame) as I approached the bathroom I tripped because she had cable and a phone line chris crossing up the stairs. I should take a few steps back and say that the first thing that I saw when I took one step into her apt. There was dog shit and dirty diapers scattered across the floor. Next to one of the chairs was the remains of some chicken which was being consumed by fruit flies. Her little family soon became evicted and I never saw her little family again.

The next family was a young mom who also lived with her mother. Now this young lady was not a party person at all. She worked so much that I barley saw her ever. Her mom on the other hand was a pill addict and compulsive gambler who kinda did a bad job of watching her grandson. Every now and then I conversed with the grandmother (mostly because I didn’t have anyone to talk to) all she ever wanted to do was talk about pills or gambling at the time I could really care for either topics. Eventually we stop conversing when I noticed something shady going on. One of the apt mangers was leaving an envelope every morning underneath her door matt and mid afternoon I would see her again entering the apt which I figured out she was buying pills off the old lady. The manger end up getting fired and the nice young lady was evicted because of her mother gambled all there money instead of paying rent.

Now for family number three was a old drug user/dealer and his trophy wife who had no real job but beating the crap out of her step son. One night I heard furniture flying and the poor little kid crying for her to stop. There is a good distance between our apt and I could her the screaming and crying in my apt. Sometimes they would be so high on whatever they were doing that I would see them wandering around with flash lights late at night yelling for the little boy only to realize he was upstairs in his bed the whole time. I have heard many stories of how filthy that place was, once again rotten food, baby diapers and drugs scattered around the room. On some occasions the cops or ambulance was called and some poor drug addict was carted away. Eventually enough complaints were called in that they to were evicted from the apt.

Now it comes to you lady and all things that I have witnessed: different men coming in and out of your apt during all hours of the day and night. Kicking (physically) your daughter out of the apt telling her to fuck off (the little girl is six) then locking her out leaving her to cry for hours. I have seen the ambulance several times and cops show up. The last time was a little different because some man I have never seen showed up saying he lived and that you are stealing and selling drugs out of his apt. The guy that lives next door is always in your apt (who also abuses his two small children along with is his wife/ girlfriend) made me wonder what’s going on and if he is a swinger or something. The final thing is when you where in your apt when I heard you going on about the jumble of drugs that you were taking last week. I’m sorry to say that you have been cursed on long with the neighbor next to you. Soon you will be evicted along with the rest, maybe with the next person that moves in will break it on their own.


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